Here is a collection of free resources to help
you get ready for back to school.


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Please note that they are in Adobe PDF format. If you need Adobe Reader you can get it free here.

Biography Question Page
Students come up with questions and interview a classmate.

Pencil & Eraser Writing Paper
Motivate your students with their writing projects with this fancy writing paper.

ABC Border Paper
Use this fancy border paper for Back to School writing assignments.

Bio Writing Paper
Special writing paper for a final copy of the biography written about a classmate.

School Supplies Notice
Let parents know what supplies are needed to start up the school year.

Book and Apple Border Paper

Students record text to self, text to text and text to world connections.

Bio Writing Paper (Photo)
This writing paper has a special area for a 4X6 photo of the classmate!
Postcard Home
Get your class writing with a postcard home about their first days of school.
Grad Cap Border Paper
Another fancy page for writing stories, letters, etc.

Junior Goal Setting
students thinking about goal that they want to accomplish this school year.

Story Idea Page
Have students get straight to the writing process with this idea recording sheet.

Confetti Border Paper
Encourage students to take pride in their writing with this Back to School paper.

Junior Goal Setting 2

Another goal setting sheet to motivate your class.

Bookworm Log
Students keep track of their independent reading with this handy chart.
Student Working Writing Paper
Another page for students to choose from when they publish their writing.
Junior Goal Setting 3
Chart with a section where students indicate HOW they will reach their goals.
It's All About Me
Students complete this organizer to tell you & their classmates about themselves.
Student Walking Writing Paper
More motivating writing paper for to use during those first few days of school.